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Our ultimate goal is to activate Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), we just add the (FY) to let you know it’s “For You”

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Yahmeemah Prescott

CEO/Founder and Life Coach

Yahmeemah Prescott, CEO and founder of Selfy (Social Emotional Learning For You ) My Sister’s Keeper Inc. Selfy-MSK, is an all-female centered self- care organization that empowers, motivates, uplifts, and encourages female adolescents to know that they are “Worthy and Enough.”

Yahmeemah is currently employed as a Social Service Specialist in Brooklyn, New York.  I have, for the past five years, facilitated group discussions that inform, support and empower teens to look inward and love their authentic selves, hence the name Selfy. Yahmeemah has supported over 200 adolescents who were grappling with challenges such as, peer -pressure, childhood trauma, child/parent issues, self-acceptance, identity issues, self-awareness, social awareness, lack of confidence, body imaging, bullying, relationship issues, anxiety and stress management.

Yahmeemah is a graduate of Capella University where she obtained her Masters degree in Human Services. Yahmeemah 's hobbies are dancing, bowling, roller skating, going to the beach and most of all spending time with family and friends.Yahmeemah turns frowns into smiles.

My Sister’s Keeper Pledge

“I promise to uplift, encourage and empower my sister no matter what in confidence. I am my sister's keeper”

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Program Offerings

  • Autonomy and decision-making skills

  • Self Love

  • Self Confidence

  • Sisterhood

  • Inner Peace

  • Identity Development (Who Am I?)

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Student Leadership Skills

  • College & Career Readiness

  • Internships and Work Based Learning

  • Academic Coaching

  • In-Person/Virtual Sessions

  • External Resources

  • Coaching and Professional Development

Topics Offered in Group

  • Self Awareness

  • Anger Management

  • How To Love Yourself

  • Building Healthy Relationships

  • Who Am I

  • Health & Wellness

  • Acceptance

  • Body Image

  • Responsibility and Accountability

  • Building Self-Esteem

  • Positive Affirmations

  • Anxiety & Stress

  • Boundaries, Standards, and Limit Setting

  • Coping skills

  • Purpose

  • Goal Setting

  • What or Who brings you joy

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SEL Activities

  • Field Trips

  • Role Play

  • Mirroring

  • Mentoring

  • Group Discussions

  • BALAA (Dance)

  • Positive Affirmation Vision Boards

  • Paint and Sip (non alcoholic i.e mocktail)

  • Music Therapy

  • Deep Breathing Techniques

  • Mindfulness

  • SELFY Day (workshops, career day ,BBQ)

  • Certificate Completion Award Ceremony

Meet the Team

Yahmeemah Prescott

Founder & CEO

Emotional Mindset Life Coach

Ms. Jada Young

Director of Operations and Communications

Contractual Worker


Packages and Rates


(Schools and Programs)


1 session per week
(13 weeks max)

October - January

10 Sisters Max

11 Workshops

SEL Activity
(Vision Boards or Sip & Paint )

Closing Ceremony (including pins, food/light snacks, certificates)

SELFY - My Sister’s Keeper Day - June


(Schools and Programs)


Minimum 2 sessions of group/week (19 weeks max)

October - March

10-20 Sisters Max

17 Workshops

SEL Activity
(Vision Boards or Sip & Paint )

Closing Ceremony (including pins, food/light snacks, certificates)

SELFY - My Sister’s Keeper Day - June


(Schools and Programs)


Minimum 2 sessions of group/week (27 Weeks)

October - May

15-20 Sisters Max

27 Weeks

All SEL Activity
(Vision Boards & Sip & Paint )

Closing Ceremony (including pins, food/light snacks, certificates)

Award Ceremony Two Trips (Education/Cultural, Community Resources)

SELFY - My Sister’s Keeper Day - June

Individual Life Coaching



1 Hour Session

15 Minute Free Phone Consultation

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